There was the first lesson in am, is, are regular Þ¥ ÑÙè[-è¯Eo êµL-óŸª-â¶-óŸª-è¯ - #÷-ô¢-ð»-õªxêÁ ÑÙè¶ øŒò°lõª ÓÚÛª\÷. Pen - šíûËÂ; Spoken English. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. Our classes are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 6. .. eg: The man seen here every day torn paper spoken english. Spoken English to - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Spoken URL:

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Oh, glad to hear that. That's ok then. Thank you.

Now a days every piece of 3 Manual: That's so. Krishnarao, Bapatla Q. The weather today is too good. Please rewrite the following A. The weather today is very good. The bear had a ring on its not it's nose. This shirt is too lose for me. I saw him yesterday only. The shirt is too loose not 'lose' for me. This coat looks a bit small I'd like to try on it. This coat looks a bit small. I'd like to try it Q. Who you want to see? Who do you want to see?

Let's listen the music. Let's listen to the music little more? The Secretary, Q. Do you know what is the answer?

Do you know what the answer is. Not Q. His office is quite oppoosite to my house. Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, 'What is the answer'. This is not a question, A. His office is just opposite my house. The music is too loud; Why don't you Abhiram: What is stopping you? If you really 3 Temples and other turn it down?

The trouble is you blast religious lack the power of concentration. I'm sorry I can't. Then it is noise and not music. It's no Padma: I'm ordinary mortal. It is impossible for me to work with that racket going on.

I was blasting in your ears.. I'm listening to pop music, and if you b Could you turn down your music b I was blasting in your ears not to download the car, don't know, pop music can be system.

Look at the following sentences from the a Please turn up the TV. Nardas, Hyderabad grammar, How many that speak Telugu or Q.

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Hindi know the grammars of the lan- Q. Language is just practice. Introduce Q. Please A. How do you do? Related and well connected chain of imag- 'How do you do? Have you been to Mumbai? It is said that English language is a logic, Q 'I am going to home'. What is the logic?

What is the young one of a monkey called? English as language, and as any other lan- A. English are logical because they have a set A. It was dark by the time I reached Q.

What are both gender forms of the animal A. Toddy Tapper. Mallikarjun, Kareemnagar. No excuses please. Q Please clarify the following doubts. Don't mince matters. Out with the answer. Sudhakar, Peddamallareddy. A Grammar is the set of rules according to.

Convenor, CLAT, which a language is spoken and written. Rao, Visakhapatnam. Buzzword, 2. Heartthrob, 4. I was to meet the name. Leave letter Household name: Ghantasala was a house hold name till the late Q.

June('09)- 1to4 - Spoken English/Eenadu/Pratibha

Russia shared the view with India That Q. He is the next kin. Bala Muralikrishna, the famous singer, was the 4.

Drought cut into their earnings. Cherukupalli vocalist in the sangeetha kacheri Music con- A. Gainful employment cert.

Punishment meted out to them. I have a pain in the side, doctor. I Aiswarya: That's for my cousin Sowjanya. Has she returned from the states? Yes, last weekend. Wasn't she a teacher here? Yes, doctor. You gave me some teacher when she got married. Since then I hadn't been having U. It's good. When are you starting it? Best of Luck. In two or three months. Best of luck. Hi Varun, long since I saw you. I am at present in Mumbai. She had been staying with us until, Tarun: How long had you been working in sub verb Preposition Noun or pronoun she got the job.

Her father who had Varun: Hyderabad when you got the opportu- a She looked at me. I had been working as a programmer c Why do you stare at her? Hadn't you had you not been some a Prem: In Chennai for six months.

Where now?

You wait for a few minutes. She is quite nice. When I was talking to my friend, I think Karim: Hi Prasanth, when are you starting Pramod: It's for him and for his dad to settle. Meet you at the station tomorrow. Tomorrow by the evening train.

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O that's good of you. You remember our friend vinod is Hyderabad, order from the CM, etc. He is into software. Hi Sobha, when did you come back?

Yesterday, by the morning train. While going you went by car. The car was under repair. I am very angry with you Sobha: What for? By the evening train Subha: You have been at home and haven't called me even once.

By the time I came back, the house was dirty. I was busy cleaning it. Hi Salini, when exactly do you expect I a at At I am sure she will be here f good at calculations f by So she is returning from the US. When a at Our next building is taller than ours by 10 feet.

She left at the age of twenty two, two The first show begins at 6. How do you know? I am At what time do you expect him? I had it from his brother. You know, Srikanth and I are from quick at learning. Where are you from? I will be there by 6. She is that type.

She never loses b at the age of come from? Good of her to remem- age of 3. He became a lakhier by What's the time by your watch? It is Mine shows My watch is fast by at lunch; at dinner; at bath, etc Doesn't matter. How is she coming? She is driving. I start at home at 8. I am at breakfast at 8. How do you come? He did it by mistake. By bus. I come on bike. If there is no traffic Yamini: You are good at calculations. Let's let us know What's the time by your watch? I met Srikanth by chance yester- something more.

He gave me a lift on his bike. So I was here earlier than usual by prepositions 'at' and 'by'. My brother is my elder by two years. He is good at driving. Hi Manikanth you appear very a India became independent on the 15th happy today. August You are right. Dad called home this c India became a republic on Jan 26th So he will be here on saturday. When did Saran come here? That's good. Will he go back to the Raghu: He came here in February. When is he going to complete his c The child was born in August I think in another year; that is in When did he begin it?

Will he settle down there? When will you people join him? Dad will leave a week after that. Mother and I will join him next year, after I finish my studies. I have my visa interview on 18th d He was born on 10th Dheeraj: Week September I propose to leave in Dheeraj: Best of luck for you. Why do you think I am older than b The train stops here only for 5 minutes shall get in touch with him. But we joined school on 12th June. Look at the following expressions from the ii During the training period, you do not get month.

My birth day is on the 12th this conversation at the beginning of this lesson: Do attend it. Don't fail this time. When does the temple near your Viswanath: A few days ago our friend Trinath place open? He said he would meet me the next evening, but he Lokanath: In the morning or in the evening?

In the morning. Trinath is unreliable. That's right.

So I Viswanath: In the evening? Well then. Meet you again. The temple is open from 4 in the Lokanath: The Sun is exactly above our heads at noon.


When did you return? I returned on the evening of the 5th the afternoon. We met him on a Sunday afternoon Lokanath: Sivarathri and closed late at night.

I am leaving for Vijayawada tonight of Saturday. You were out. On the morning of Saturday? The college starts at 8 in the morning.

Almost every evening. You come here in the mornings; why?

Yea, I was at home last evening. My sister was away shopping. Kousik, have you seen Mallik? Well, What's the matter? What is so urgent about it? He has two books of mine with him. Phone him or go to his place. I've called his home twice already. If you happen to see him is out. He will be back in an hour, his mother told me. I have to go home now urgently to take mother to hospi- tal.

If I do not go now, mother will be in trouble. If I go now, how can I meet him?

That's what I mean too. I shall be glad. Don't you worry. You will get them. Hi Sasir, where did you download the book? I 3 If I do not go now Sasir: When you download the book, don't forget to Sasir: I bought it at Books 'n Books. There 6 If I go now coupon?

If you lend me the money, I will download it. If Vidur: I go home now, get the money and go, it Sasir: Here is the money.

Hurry up. Shall we start? Unless we start now, we I will pay the advance provided you begin cannot reach college on time. Have you taken the money? I have the money ready. Have you all your certificates?You remember our friend vinod is Hyderabad, order from the CM, etc. Diaspora: Themoving away ofthe people ofone country toanother.

I must be going. I started on my scooter, but on i He had forgotten it. Sanjevani sanjevani newspaper sanjevani news all indian. My birth day is on the 12th this conversation at the beginning of this lesson: Professor N. So are, groups ofwords each with a verb underlined a When the exams begin; b He helpsme alot, etc. English English study www Convenor, CLAT, which a language is spoken and written.