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Imperial Armour II Orks, Eldar and Dark Eldar Veichles (3ed).pdfJan M. Bookmark Verify Hashes Imperial Armour Vol 1 2nd ed Imperial. Imperial Armour Volume Four - The Anphelion Project. Imperial Armour 4 Cover. jpg. Author(s), Warwick Kinrade. Released, December ISBN, ISBN. /

Combat anohelion joined across all fronts. Orbital feeds show onrushing Xenos activity. Any Tyranid unit completely destroyed or fled from the board can re enter the battle from any table edge using ongoing reserves. Praise the emperor, bless your weapon and pass the ammo!

Terrain-wise I wanted to keep with the remote, feral feel of Anphelion and used many forests and trees with a central convoy wreck where Prpject Halar would make his stand. I have spoilered the pics due to image size. Withdrawal orders are voxed by Elias to Anlhelion Squad who sternly inform him they are enroute to his postion.


Log in and join anpheliln community. Threat levels are assessed with ranges from Low to Ultra Extremis. Orbital array feeds using lowlight thermoscopic imaging show no Xenos activity: Warhammer40k subscribe unsubscribe 94, readers 1, users here now About Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds.

The Anphelion Project — anphwlion 4 up.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Scans indicate movement in adjacent corridors. We can hear them at the Xnphelion walls too. ServoSkull B4, captures the onrushing Tyranid forces 7. Tyranid attacks drop of for 2. Below them the area was silent, cargo haulers and transports left unattended. No Xenos activity detected.

Tyranid deployment turn 1. The Tyranids had been small specimens. Ammo log reads at 8.

With Brother Halars death at the end of turn 5, the Tyranids win the game and tie the series at two games a piece. While their superhuman physique and Power Armour -augmented strength allows a Space Marine to carry and fire an Autocannon with ease, the large majority of Loyalist Chapters favour either ranged weapons with a much higher rate of fire like the Heavy Bolter or Assault Cannon , or ranged weapons packing more killing power with each individual shot like the Lascannon or Multi-melta.

However, the Heretic Astartes who have thrown in their allegiance with the Ruinous Powers do make ample usage of the Autocannon, as it is a simple and sturdy weapon requiring very little of the heavy maintenance that most Chaos Space Marine warbands now lack the resources to execute.

Alcher Mark IV Combat Autogun - This weapon is popular with PDF forces across the Calixis Sector , where the simple setting one shot or full automatic fits better with the generally less well-trained soldiers. The larger magazine size helps keep up with the higher rate of shooting.

Still manufactured primarily on Malfi itself, the Armageddon is loud, lethal and uncomplicated; a heavy-hitter for an autogun, it fires large calibre solid slugs from a fifteen-round short box clip and can stand a phenomenal amount of abuse and keep firing. Since the uprisings, the Armageddon has become a staple of the arms trade in the Malfian sub and has started to make inroads into frontier areas where its stopping power and robust design rapidly gains converts.

Ammunition for this smoothbore gun is fed automatically through a four-round feeding tray, and extra ammunition is dropped into the tray by hand. Other features of this pattern include recoil dampeners, electronic sighting and rangefinding. These rapid-firing weapons fired shells at a much higher velocity than a standard Autocannons, enabling them to successfully engage moving targets and strike with pinpoint accuracy. It uses a tripod mount and can be manned by one person, though it ideally employs a crew of two to move, set up, and assist with reloading the weapon.

Tactical Implications Although the Autocannon is quite common, its popularity is rather inconsistent. Many Imperial commanders shun use of the Autocannon, maintaining that it serves no role fully.

Imperial Armour

It lacks the firing rate of a Heavy Bolter or Multi-Laser , meaning that its anti-infantry role is limited. It also lacks the sheer armour-piercing strength of a Krak Missile or Lascannon , and thus cannot be deployed to destroy enemy armour. However, although many disapprove of the Autocannon, there are just as many who hail it as a tactically vital weapon. Its supporters argue that its versatility is its best attribute; that it can in fact be useful against both infantry and armour.

Although it cannot tear through ranks of infantry like an Assault Cannon can, or bring down enemy armour to the extent of a Lascannon, it can still support an army in any tactical situation. However, it is against the Tyranids that the Autocannon finds its true calling.They destroy the leadership, and the Grey Knights clear out the deepest levels of the citadel and finally close the warp portal.

The Red Scorpions are asked to help, and they agree, seeing as there are hundreds of Chaos Space Marines to be killed. Imperials were driven off most of the sector, but managed to keep some ground, and are planning to reclaim their soil in a distant bright future when the Imperium wouldn't be in such deep shit as it is now.


It turns out that Cardinal Xaphan has taken over, deciding that the Decree Passive was for weaklings, and that he could rid the Imperium of heretics much more effectively by taking direct command. This volume introduces the Eldar Corsair army list lots of fast things and flyers, with a complete Tactica , as well as a new Path for Craftworld Eldar Aspect Warriors the Shadow Spectres and a new Wolf Lord character.

This high-level of accuracy allows Elysian Drop Troops to be far more effective when wielding lasguns or autoguns than the equivalent standard regiments of the Imperial Guard.