Beata Concepción Cabrera de Armida "Conchita" inspiradora en la Iglesia de las Obras de la Cruz. She was instrumental in the founding of the Works of the. Diario Espiritual De Una Madre De Familia: Concepcion Cabrera De Armida [ M.M.- PHILIPON] on *FREE* # in Libros en español. CONCEPCION CABRERA DE ARMIDA LIBROS PDF - Venerable Concepción Cabrera de Armida was a Mexican Roman Catholic mystic and writer. She is also .

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Blessed Concepción Cabrera de Armida was a Mexican Roman Catholic mystic and writer. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. María de la Concepción Loreto Antonia Cabrera Arias Lacavex Rivera (San Luis Potosí, . Crear un libro · Descargar como PDF · Versión para imprimir. Colegio saco Oliveros - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for Cargado por. LAURA · 1 Los ultimos tiempos y la era del Espiritu Santo - Concepcion Cabrera de

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Concepción Cabrera de Armida

Get fast, free shipping with site Prime. site Drive Cloud storage from site. Solar monstrance of the Eucharist. Get to Know Us. Her spiritual life started before the death of her husband. It aims to clarify the words with which Jesus defines Who He is in a cabreraa of statements beginning with the words: The length of her religious writings thus approaches that of Saint Thomas Aquinas. She had lived a multi-faceted life, being a mother, a widow, a mystic and a writer.

To love the Church is not to criticize her, not to destroy her, not to try to change her essential structures, not to reduce her to humanism, horizontalism and to the simple service of a human liberation. siteGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Pope Francis confirmed a miracle attributed to her intercession on 8 Juneand Cabrera shall be beatified on 4 May in Mexico City.

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Colegio saco Oliveros

Her children report that they hardly ever saw her writing, but her conceocion writings and meditations total over 60, handwritten pages. In she married Francisco Armida and had nine children between and Share your thoughts with other customers. As a mystic, she reported that she heard God telling her: Although she recalled to have often disobeyed her parents as a child, she showed a special love for the Holy Eucharist from an early age. Moved by love of your country, you are ready to fulfill all your duties as citizens.

But it is also a great consolation for Us to know that when the occasion has arisen, you have openly affirmed, and still affirm, that you can in no way stray from the precepts of the Catholic religion and that you can in no way deny your Creator and Redeemer, for Whose love many of you have faced torture and prison. As We have already written to you in the previous Letter, this Apostolic See, especially in these recent times, has exercised the greatest solicitude that as many priests and Bishops of your own noble race as possible be correctly instructed and trained.

Peter the first six Bishops chosen from among your people. We ourselves, having nothing dearer to Our heart than the daily advancement of your Church, have been happy to establish the Sacred Hierarchy in China and for the first time in history have conferred the dignity of the Roman Purple on one of your citizens Ibid.

We desire, then, that the day may soon come - for this We send up to God most ardent petitions and suppliant prayers - when Bishops and priests of your own nation and in sufficient number can govern the Catholic Church in your immense country, and when there will no longer be need of help from foreign missionaries in your apostolate. But truth itself and the knowledge of Our duty demand that We propose for your careful attention the following points: First, these preachers of the gospel, who left their own beloved countries to cultivate among you the Master's field with their labor and sweat, are not moved by earthly motives.

They seek only, and desire nothing more than, to illumine your people with the light of Christianity, to teach them Christian customs and to help them with a supernatural charity. In the second place, even when the increased number of Chinese clergy will no longer need the aid of foreign missionaries, the Catholic Church in your nation, as in all the others, will not be able to be ruled with "autonomy of government," as they say today.

In fact, even then, as you well know, it will be entirely necessary for your Christian community, if it wishes to be part of the society divinely founded by our Redeemer, to be completely subject to the Supreme Pontiff, Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth, and be strictly united with him in regard to religious faith and morals.

With these words - and it is well to note them - is embraced the whole life and work of the Church, and also its constitution, its government, its discipline.

All of these things depend certainly on the will of Jesus Christ, Founder of the Church.

By virtue of God's Will, the faithful are divided into two classes: the clergy and the laity. By virtue of the same Will is established the twofold sacred hierarchy, namely, of orders and jurisdiction. Besides - as has also been divinely established - the power of orders through which the ecclesiastical hierarchy is composed of Bishops, priests, and ministers comes from receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

But the power of jurisdiction, which is conferred upon the Supreme Pontiff directly by divine rights, flows to the Bishops by the same right, but only through the Successor of St.

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Peter, to whom not only the simple faithful, but even all the Bishops must be constantly subject, and to whom they must be bound by obedience and with the bond of unity. Finally by the same Divine Will, the people or the civil authority must not invade the rights and the constitution of the ecclesiastical hierarchy Cf. Council of Trent, Sess.

IV; Canons All ought to note - what to you, Venerable brothers and beloved sons, is evident - that We intensely desire that the time will soon come when the financial means furnished by the Chinese people will suffice for the needs of the Church in China. However, as you well know, the offerings received for this from the other nations have their origin in that Christian charity through which all those who have been redeemed by the sacred blood of Jesus Christ are necessarily united to one another in fraternal alliance and are spurred by Divine Love to spread everywhere, according to their strength, the kingdom of our Redeemer.

And this not for political or any profane ends, but only to put into useful practice the precept of charity that Jesus Christ gave to us all, and through which we are recognized as His true disciples Cf.

John Thus have the Christians of all ages voluntarily done, as the Apostle of the Gentiles related of the faithful of Macedonia and Achaia, who willingly sent their offerings "for the poor among the saints at Jerusalem" Rom.

I Cor. Lastly, there are some among you who would wish that your Church would be completely independent, not only, as We have said, in regard to its government and finances, but also in regard to the teaching of Christian doctrine and sacred preaching, in which they try to claim "autonomy.

We do not at all deny that the manner of preaching and teaching ought to differ according to place and therefore ought to conform, when possible, to the nature and particular character of the Chinese people, as also to its ancient traditional customs. If this is properly done, certainly greater fruits will be gathered among you.

But - and it is absurd merely to think of it - by what right can men arbitrarily and diversely in different nations, interpret the gospel of Jesus Christ? Bishops, who are the successors of the Apostles, and priests, who according to their proper office cooperate with the Bishops, have been charged with announcing and teaching that gospel which Jesus and His Apostles first announced and taught, and which this Holy See and all the Bishops united to it have preserved and transmitted pure and inviolate through the centuries.

The holy pastors, therefore, are not the inventors and the composers of this gospel, but only its authorized custodians and its divinely constituted heralds. Wherefore We Ourselves, and the Bishops together with Us, can and ought to repeat the words of Jesus Christ: "My teaching is not my own, but his who sent me" John 7.

And to all the Bishops, in every age, can be directed the exhortation of St. Paul: "O Timothy, guard the trust and keep free from profane novelties in speech and the contradictions of so-called knowledge" I Tim. And so also these words of the same Apostle: "Guard the good trust through the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us" 2 Tim. We are not teachers of a doctrine invented by the human mind. But our conscience obliges us to embrace and follow what Jesus Christ Himself taught, and what He solemnly commanded His Apostles and their successors to teach Cf.

A Bishop, or a priest of the true Church of Christ, ought time and again to meditate on what the Apostle Paul said of his preaching of the Gospel: "For I give you to understand, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not of man. Being most certain that this doctrine whose integrity We must defend with the help of the Holy Ghost has been divinely revealed, We repeat these words of the Apostle of the Gentiles: "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel to you other than that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema" Gal.

You can easily see, Venerable Brothers and beloved sons, why he cannot be considered a Catholic or bear the name of Catholic who professes or teaches differently from what We have up to this point briefly explained.

This includes those persons who have adhered to the dangerous principles underlying the movement of the "Three Autonomies," or to other similar principles.

The promoters of such movements with the greatest cunning seek to deceive the simple or the timid, or to draw them away from the right path. For this purpose they falsely affirm that the only true patriots are those who adhere to the church thought up by them, that is, to that which has the "Three Autonomies.Pope John Paul II declared her venerable on December librks, and she is currently in the process of beatification.

She was repulsed by how pompous and pretentious they seemed to her. Sadly it was a path strewn with even more loss.

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By virtue of God's Will, the faithful are divided into two classes: the clergy and the laity. This includes those persons who have adhered to the dangerous principles underlying the movement of the "Three Autonomies," or to other similar principles. Then he told me very quietly he loved me.