A starting adventure found in the Star Wars - Edge of the Empire Beta Rule Book. This is a great Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Edge of the Empire - Suns of Fortune (SWE07) - Free download as PDF File .pdf ) or read online for free. STAR WARS EDGE: SUNS OF FORTUNE A Sourcebook for the STAR. . Shadows of a Black Sun - EotE - Post Beta - HiRes Official. 1. EdgE of thE EmpirE BEta UpdatE. This document serves to keep the EdgE of thE Em p irE Beta testers up-to-date on all of the latest changes to the design.

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Also that you can go to fantasy flight and download the pdf which I guess is not working yet. So I figure until they get it up it should not be a big. Index of /public/Books/ Wars RPG - FF/Edge of the Empire/ [ BTA04] Crates of Krayts - Core M. Bookmark. This is a community for friendly discussion about FFG's Star Wars RPG. This system began with the release of the beta Edge of the Empire.

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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game , and included the complete adventure Trouble Brewing. It was released on July 5 , On October 11 , the official FAQ and Errata was released that corrected errors and cleared up rules questions.

Participate in grim and gritty adventures in places where morality is gray and nothing is certain. Ply your trade as a smuggler in the Outer Rim , collect bounties on the scum that live in the shadows of Coruscant , or try to establish a new colony on a planet beneath the Empire's notice.

The Star Wars universe is at your fingertips with the Star Wars: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Perhaps the archives are incomplete. This article has an excess of redlinks in it. The group on the canyon floor appears. Range IMediuml. Defensive I. Streetwise 2. Hldful slwuld eng. If the PCs are confused about what to do. Gaffi Stick Melee: Critical 3. Survival Talents: Wound 5 Equipment: Gaffi Stick [Melee.

If he's not yelling at the PCs to get out of there.

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The trip takes thirtysix hours with a class I hyperdrive. Round 4 and beyond: Once the Tuskan Raiders above the hangar realize the PCs are heading for the ship. Roll Initiative: Jora uses one of the PCs' slots. The rest of the Vapor Station inhabitants are tough desert or crimtnal types or both]. Critical 5: Jora returns fire at the second group. Round 3: The third and forth groups charges anyone still on the canyon floor.

Knowledge Underworld 2. He swttches between speaking in Basic and Huttese. The Tuskans seek to kill everyone m the outpost. Damage 7. Vapor Station inhabitants begin to appear from the buildings around the canyon and return fire.

Ranged Heavy]. At legitimate sources. The PCs can take any actiOn they like-they can return fire. Ranged Heavy.. Ranged UghSkulduggery 2. The repulsor sled is controlled by a handheld remote. Slugthrower Rtfle Ranged [HeavyI. Stun setting].. All are heavily weathered and worn. An Easy Computers or Streetwise check brings up a list of three public pads m the area. The derelict craft and debris leave no room for landing. Fees start at credits a day in a shared landing bay.

Rowo's Landing. No droids. Turning between two enonmous residence blocks. If they don't. Failure results in a search of several hours to find the right area and the right pad in the planet-wide city.

If they do. Triumphs can be spent to drop the price by 50 credits a day. If they obtained clearance. To work out a reasonable price.

Its driver has bigger concerns. The speeder tumbles but eventually rights itself and contmues on Without stopping. As you approach.

A few stray wisps of smoke still emanate from the building and the vessels. Success locates the pad.

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire - Crates of Krayts (Beta Rulebook)

There are a few offiCial notices that the structure is declared unsafe. Impact negotiates the docking fees and any other services the characters need. Greentop IS aptly named. It is old.

It will take a lot of talking or credits to smooth things over. They must make a Hard Pilot Space check to avo1d colliding with a large erratic airspeeder truck.

They can repa1r broken gear. When the PCs approach the pad. Whatever befell the building. When they arnve at Nar Shaddaa. If they landed unannounced. They should eventually realize that there is ab solutely no one visible anywhere on the building. If the PCs p1ck a different location. The PCs can spend any AI: Depending on the PCs' approach to the situation. If they h1t. The PCs should request clearance to land. While formal control of the spacelanes exists. Impact is highly annoyed. The PCs can get around by stair and ladder.

Impact can also sell the characters information about Nar Shaddaa. Pon was seen badly burned in the fire. Impact allows them to negotiate the docking fee down although he's not afraid to try and push it up again. Rowe's LandIng charges for every seNice imaginable-speeder rental. There 1s no mention of Sinasu or any owner of the building. They want to follow the PCs back to Smasu. The video shows flames at every level of the structure.

Negotiation 2. Dece1t 2. Sinasu's allies are laying low. The computers are out. He wants nothing to do with the Greentop disaster. Even the turbolifts charge for every ride. They're free to access any level and most any room. Stun setting.

Perception I. To sucker clients. Greentop is also being watched by several of Naoko's bounty hunters. Everyone thinks Noako arranged a hit on Greentop. The bounty hunters won't confront the PCs directly at this time.

She's in the BactaMax med1cal center. Ranged Light 1. More ti can be spent to discover 1nitial investigative reports suspecting arson. If he realizes they're interested 1n Greentop. Their best hope 1s to find out what happened to Greentop and hope it leads back to the Hutt or Lanni. They should make Perception and Surveillance checks while searching for possible clues. Range Medium!. He suggests they ask around if they want to know what happened or where to find Smasu.

Perception check reveals A successful Average active cameras and sensors hidden in the debris. He'll allow the ship to stay for one day. If they are somehow powered up by other means. There is no power and the lifts are non-functional. The GM is free to adapt the investigation as needed to accommodate other approaches. Charm 2. Vigilance I Talents: Wounds I 2 Equipment: Light Blaster Pistol Ranged Light!.

It is a dangerous structure. They can start by questioning other Rowo guests. One or more ti can be spent to dig up additional stories that reveal speculatiOn that some kind of chemical fuel was used to start the fire. The PCs might not1ce one obseNmg from a nearby building. Damage 5. Mechanrcs 2. She rs groggy. Various points are noted. It rs about ten kilometers from Greentop Lanni also asks about the damage at Greentop If the PCs haven't learned about the sabotage.

It was abandoned after Noako arranged for the droid recyclers to repeatedly dump speeder loads of toxic sludge on and around the building. Locations include: An old safe-house warehouse rn the recycling district. Lanni proves drfficult to find. She rs somewhat concerned about the bounty hunters. Noako recently maneuvered the ownership group into transferring control to him The bar was once owned by Greystar Holdings. Even better. A popular nightclub featuring holographic racing and entertainment from across the galaxy It is in the bottom of a small sector called the Entertainment Ring.

The characters might twist the situation to help them. The droids still make at least one drop per day and certainly while the PCs rnvestigate. It is formal. Slicing the computer system a Hard Computers check or posing as employees are viable possibilities with the right equrpment or plan.

Once the PCs begin searching safe-houses. If Pxposecl. Computer slicing is another possibility. Sales literature for The HoloBar is strewn amongst the trash. If not. Lannr is there: Pon is not. The PCs must either learn her name. Lannr or one of the other survivors saw that Pon was burned. If bounty hunter prof lies arC' needed. Computers 2. A flimsiplast schematic of the district's water system is pinned to one wall.

If ll1ey arc rC'IJuffccl. None SoaklDefense: Amphibrous Mon Calamari can breath underwater wrthout penalty and never suffer movement penalties for traveling through water Equipment: The PCs cannot fly directly to the point indicated on a map. The Game Master can tum this into a game of cat and mouse through the pipework to build the suspense. Flying at faster speeds tncreases the Difficulty of the check see page They must find their way through enormous pipework.

A Despair result cuts power to the servos. Three or more Threat may be spent to generate a minor collision see the Collisions sidebar on page and potential damage. The hatch isn't a military grade door. Either attack draws the attention of a patrol. They frequently lose contact.

If they attack the hatch with their ship's weapons. Approachmg TechTank's location. A Despair result locks down the system completely. If the PCs try to blow the hatch itself. Failure means the PCs spend a fruitless hour flymg around before they etther try the check agam or land their ship or vehicle and proceed on foot. If the bounty hunters successfully attached a homtng beacon to the PCs' ship or speeder. A fatled check trips the security system.

They must fly their shtp or speeder into a sprawling water recycling and treatment complex covering several square kilometers. If the PCs fail either check. The characters can blow open the hatch. The PCs might detect one or more speeders with Perception check. Some pipes are several meters in diameter.

Triumph & Despair

The PCs may open it using one of the following methods: Your fltght path looks to take you deep into the tangled mess of ptpes. A Despair result indicates a major collision see the Collisions sidebar on page I 60 and collapses the pipes in such a way as to prevent the shtp from using that pathway back out of the area.

TechTank's leader. I am TT-3PO. Tennom can repair up to five structural integnty. If the eggs and dragon are in good condition. Sinasu is riding aboard a customized repulsorsled. Maintenance sheds. Sinasu refuses to forgive the PCs of any of their Obligation i..

If attacked. Sinasu and Tennom direct the drotd to pursue this line of questioning. About a kilometer away.. If the PCs indicate they have the krayt dragon crates. It poses no special danger to the PCs.: Not immediately recogniZing the characters' ship or speeder.. A metallic blue 3PO protocol droid emerges and walks stiffly towards your sh1p.

Read or paraphrase the following: Not long after your ship touches down.. I can discuss your service needs tn detatl and at a much more civilized volume.

The liquid in the tank ts stmple water-treated The platform is about meters in dtameter. The shaft is mostly superstructure. If none of them survtved.. If asked about Sinasu. Jnk tw:. Tennom and Sinasu watch via co ncealed cameras and sensors from a nearby cargo container-turned office and command post.

When the PCs land. If one or more didn't make it. HlCf' r. The PCs might notice workbenches. TechTank isn't a full shipyard.. It turns up its votce synthesizer and loudly yells. The PCs can land anywhere there is space to do so. If told about thetr suspicions. Ten nom sees an opportunity to earn a few credits and offers to repair what he can of any obvious damage to the PCs' ship. As any major combat would likely result in the public discovery of TechTank and force them to flee.

TechTank has taken over the matntenance and monitoring platform in the center of the storage tank.. Sinasu becomes angry and orders a tech to stand guard at the tent until he can question Pon personally.

When pressed about where the techs are There are wide. TT demands the crates be unloaded and moved in.

It stops near the mam hatch and waves. It is obviously an enormous metal tank around two kilometers across Agmg. TechTank customer relations. Much of tt is flat and open.. The platform ts about a meter above water level. Read the following aloud: The ship descends into a wide open. Through the mtddle of the platform ts a large shaft that appears to run from the top of the tank to the bottom. If the ship suffered significan t damage on the way in.

Tennom and Sinasu approach the PCs to inspect the Hutt's new pnze. The wa ter's dark surface is about meters from the top of the tank.. It doesn't take long for Stnasu to recognize the PCs.

The ascent becomes a race to orbit and the edge of the gravity well. If they flee. They have strict orders to capture the Hutt.

Tennom fires missile at one a1rspeeder. Sinasu berates the PCs for their mcompetence in being followed He starts to head for his hiding position.

Bounty hunters continue attack. Knowledge enology] 3 Negotiation 2. Let the lesser bounty hunters and tE'chs fight amongst themselves in a cinemat ic fashion while the bigger threats take on the PCs d irectly. Etiquette and Protocol protocol droids allow allies to add one Boost die to any Negotiation checks or other checks made to negotiate or mediate Equipment: One a1rspeeder reaches Sinasu.

He mtends to sink the pla t form to ensure the destruction of Sinasu's allies. Sinasu races for the PCs' sh1p. If they help. The bounty hunters 2 units of four Cordol's Chain Apprentices. The PCs are free to play the situation as they wish They can help the Hutt. Once back in the Pilot pipe works. They aim for the ship's engines and. The tech guard is unconscious on the deck. The airspeeders fire from med1um range band. Knowledge Education 3.

Techs scramble for speeder bikes or taller structures to avoid the water. The ent1re platform begins to descend towards the water. Tennom or a tech uncovers the missile launcher Round 4: Attacks contmue. Some techs run for the central shaft. Water rushes across the platform as 1t descends below water level.

He offers payment or cancellation of additional debt. The first Indication is when a tech runs up to Tennom or Sinasu with a data pad and starts screaming about the sensors at the hatch and lifts being tripped. Sinasu heads towards the ship Before he arrives. The platform nearly reaches water level Round 5: Attacks continue. The bounty hunters attack anyone helpIng Sinasu directly Eventually. If the PCs escaped the a1rspeeders prior to the CloakShape's interception.

Sidebar on pge Sinasu realizes they are outgunned and that the best way out is v1a the PCs' starship. The CloakShapes engage at the medium range band. The CM should concentrate on the aspects of the scene the PCs focus on.

Failure results in a collision with the shaft wall. A1rspeeders move to close range band. If the PCs want to engage bounty hunters involved in the cinematic action.

T Keep the action moving and kPep things exciting. Ascending the shaft requires a successful Average Piloting Space or Planetary check. One airspeeder heads for Sinasu Smasu is over the water. The CloakShape fighters do not have hyperdrives. Pon is controlling Sinasu's repulso rsled.

Immune to poisons or toxins. For max1mum flex1bihty. As the techs scramble to their defensive positions. Round 6: The airspeeder picks up Sinasu. Perception I Talents: Wound I 0 Abilities: Droid does not need to breathe. Moments later. Pon directs Sinasu's sled towards the water and away from the PCs. He turns towards the ship.

One of the jetpack bounty hunters moves to pick up Pon. Additiona ll y. Several unexpected alrspeeders are mbound. Cordol's bounty hunters arrive on the scene. The fighters put up a tough fight.

Moments after the PCs clear the p1pe works. Cumbersome 3. Surveillance 3. Range Short: Breach 4. Coerce 1. Coerce 2. Sta lker 2 add two Boost dice to any Coordination. Computers 3. Damage 9. Critical 2. Ranged Heavy 3. Damage 6. Bum 3.Written by Fandom Comics. Coerce 1. If they attack the hatch with their ship's weapons. TechTank isn't a full shipyard.. Critical 3. A fourth line, based in the era of the movie Star Wars: