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The star of Mindfreak – the most astonishing and provocative mystifier of the twenty-first century—Criss Angel shares his philosophy of life and. Download and Read Free Online Mindfreak: Secret Revelations Criss Angel. From reader reviews: Elizabeth Webster: Why don't make it to become your habit ?. Mindfreak. Secret Revelations. by Criss Angel. On Sale: 10/06/ Mindfreak To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad · Android.

Do you want to respond to this review? Get this if you are a beginner or an intermediate magician Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on March 21st, I got the plantium edition and it was great so the ultimate version will be amazing you get more bang for your buck and why would you not want this. I would get this for the cups and balls alone the cups are great but the balls could be better.

But get this you won't be disappointed.

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Cheap price for so much! DVDs r good too cause they go through everything clearly and make u understand. All the previous reviewers on here seem to be reviewing Criss's Platinum kit the smaller kit available in stores , not this kit. The 3 DVD's here and the fat book of hundreds of tricks are worth the money you spend on this even if the props were junk. But the props are not so bad either. Maybe not professional quality, but decent for the price and better than you typically find in a magic kit of this type.

The pyrotechnics was a great example of why I needed to test everything. You never know when something can or will go wrong. In my mind, I was in a race, and I was out to win. I always emerged 35 victorious—if only in my imagination. I was a bit of a showoff—sometimes too much.

My cousins Gus and George and I used to go to the local school yard and practice jumping our dirt bikes over things. It was getting dark and the three of us had become a little careless and cocky. I crashed straight into the bench. The impact sent me flying twenty-five feet in the air. Ever since I was a little boy, I have been a very picky eater. My father would make me sit at the table until I finished.

I tried every trick to get out of it, but the only way I would be excused from the table was to eat.

I practiced getting myself into a certain mind-set to get the food down without tasting it. My taste in food is pretty basic. I like pizza and steak, and I am a junk food addict. Time misspent as a youth trying to create the image that I was smaller. Aside from practicing stunts and magic, I spent much of my childhood trying to figure out ways to change my appearance.

For some reason, I was obsessed with looking small. I was always creating illusions that manipulated size and depth perception, skills that came in very handy as I became more adept at creating larger-scale illusions for my art and performances.

I was always desirous of doing unusual things beyond my abilities for my age. I hated working there. I went because my father let me drive his huge brown Cadillac in the parking lot for twenty minutes or so after he closed for the day. I loved that he let me drive it all by myself. I felt totally cool.

Parents want their kids to conform to the way society thinks they should act, look, and be. I was so fortunate to have a mom and dad who never judged me or put me down because I was different.

They encouraged me to be who I am, and that support helped me grow into my own person. All I can say is that I am incredibly grateful for their wisdom. It has shaped me into the man I am today. My dad was percent Greek, but was first-generation American, born in the United States in Mom was born in Greece and came to America in at the age of thirteen.

My parents had the type of relationship I have always admired. They had a wonderful life together. They lived to give and never wanted anything in return.

It was a priority to spend as much time together as we could, especially when my brothers and I were younger. God bless her. She still supports my every move. Whether she wanted to be or not, Mom was usually the lucky recipient of my first try at a trick.

There were no free rides in our house. You earned everything. I took my five-dollar weekly allowance, bought a trick, came home, and drove everyone in my family crazy. They wanted to watch TV.

She showed me my first trick, so she was always game for seeing what I was up to next. He was around fourteen years old. I knew that day he was going to be so successful. I was blown away by it. He instilled values like respect and trust in all of us that guide me throughout each and every day. My brothers, J. Today, both of my brothers work on my television show, and they help me run the day-to-day operation of Angel Productions. He is our rock.

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He also handles worldwide merchandising for all Criss Angel products. Costa helps in any way he can. He has played characters onstage with me, he has acted as part of the cast on the television show, and he is getting involved in producing.

I could never do what I do without their undying and unconditional love and support. When we were kids, my brothers and I formed a band. I got my first drum set when I was six years old and have played ever since. Playing in a band can be expensive; we had to support our hobby by coming up with innovative ways to download our equipment—instruments, amplifiers, microphones, and so on.

To meet our needs, my father started a home business where we bought and sold used musical instruments. He wanted us to earn extra money and to teach us how to run a business. We were constantly downloading used equipment and flipping it for a profit. I actually named the store and designed their logo. I thought it was a cool-sounding name. These skills later came in very handy as a budding businessman, entrepreneur, and performer.

I also learned how to deal with people and overcome their opposition in downloading from me. That taught me to never take no for an answer. To gain experience performing, I did a lot of parties in the neighborhood for free.

I always enjoyed performing in front of a crowd. She paid me ten dollars—twice my weekly allowance. The tricks were so bad. I was horrible. He used to do shows at teen discotheques performing live in front of hundreds of kids. He got a tremendous amount of confidence as a kid from his parents and brothers. Perform ing w as ingr aine d i n h im since the very beginning. My parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, all my friends at school— everyone endured my constant barrage of practicing my next big feat.

Every day was a chance to hone my skill and sharpen my craft. It was and still is a daily practice. I was a teenager dying to do adult magic.

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It was the kind of place couples went to on a first date. Since this was before I could drive, I had to ride my bike to work.

School was not my thing. Sometimes I was a welcome distraction. Other times I think the guys paid me to just go away. I spent three to four hours one night a week and could easily clear a hundred dollars on a good night.

At the time, that was a lot of money to me. Bars and clubs were great venues when I was a kid because they were so lucrative.

I made a lot more money doing magic than my buddies were making bagging groceries after school. I spent most of my days in high school doodling and dreaming of my next trick. On weekends I had a job at a local pub. Any money I earned went to seeing new magicians and some new trick at the local magic shop.

I was in constant pursuit of getting better and more sophisticated with my performances. I saw the tricks that he is doing on the show today in the sketchbooks years ago. They were ideas that he had drawn up in pencil, and even then he had confidence in them.

Instead, I used them to grow, to try harder, and to become bigger and better than any magician in our time. Despite my promise to my mom, I was not a millionaire by the time I was eighteen. In fact, I was flat broke. But by then, my parents knew that college was not in my future. I graduated high school early to begin performing in Europe. They told me how important it was to get a college educa- 43 tion, but my education would be learned on the road.

It was a practical education, not a formal one. I inherited my work ethic from my dad. He worked his entire life and was busy until the day he died.

Dad owned several restaurants and doughnut shops. He built the business with his brother-in-law. They owned coffee shops in industrial areas where there were lots of factories. They became very successful revitalizing failing businesses and then flipping them for a profit. My father used to tell me how important it was to know any business from the ground up.

Criss Angel

He always made me start at the bottom—washing dishes, mopping floors, and scrubbing the toilets. As I got older, I began to bus, wait tables, cook, and sometimes work as the cashier. I have such an ambitious appetite to do big things, but I never had the budget to go along with my hunger for success, so I often found myself doing every job imaginable to get a show up and running. I had to make a dollar look like three. When I did my television special Supernatural we were short staff, so after having to perform, direct, and produce, I would also have to load up the truck after a fiftythree-hour-day.

To top it off, I was the guy driving the truck, unloading the props, doing the illusions, and creating and building sets. He never once let any particular deal that fell through set him back.

His determination was amazing. He was relentless. He would build the sets, build the illusions, perform the stunts, work with the tech people.

He never slept and would be working around the clock. I had an insane commitment.

No job was too small or daunting to distract my attention from the big picture, even the odd jobs like duct-taping floors or sweeping the stage—anything that needed to be done to get the show on the road.

Every challenge was a learning experience.

Mindfreak: Secret Revelations. Criss Angel

I said yes to every opportunity to hone my craft and build my name and reputation. I performed anyplace, anytime. I was like an athlete who has to keep playing to get better—except my sports of choice were magic and music.

As hard as I worked performing, I discovered it took equally intense commitment to promote myself as a performer. In the early days, I booked all of my own gigs. I called people every day looking for work.

I promised to fill the room in exchange for a few dollars and a percent- 45 age of the door. I hired people I knew who were entertaining—other magicians, singers, bands, whatever I could scrounge together—and I put on a show.

I tried doing comedy magic, serious magic, close-up magic, and any other form of magic people asked for.Under cover, Angel apparently escaped from the shackles that bound his arms, legs and neck, before pulling himself from the watery chamber with a celebratory scream.

I was always creating illusions that manipulated size and depth perception, skills that came in very handy as I became more adept at creating larger-scale illusions for my art and performances. You can be users, parties and online touch. It was the kind of place couples went to on a first date. He has played characters onstage with me, he has acted as part of the cast on the television show, and he is getting involved in producing.

DVDs r good too cause they go through everything clearly and make u understand. I inherited my work ethic from my dad.