download The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster by Hugh Cook (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and. The Wizards and the Warriors (Chronicles Of An Age Of Darkness), The Wordsmiths and the Warguild (Chronicles of an Age of Darkness, #2), The Women And. A Guild of mages hide away dangerous artifacts in their biggest castle, until the unthinkable happens and someone steals one of the most dangerous from the.

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A little background on the writing of Hugh Cook's "Wizard War" book and the writing of the ten-volume CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series (first . Between and , New Zealand-based author Hugh Cook wrote a . I found an ebook of the Witchlord and the Weaponmaster on an. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster by Hugh Cook at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Only occasionally do the plots of the novels interact directly, and when characters cross paths, they perceive events in markedly different fashions, as the following passages illustrate. The first shows the view of a prisoner, Drake Douay, the second that of his jailer, Watashi. Drake did his thinking - and fast. Clearly posing as an innocent peddlar was not going to save him. Douay was gagged and taken to an abandoned store room.

Over the last three days, this had been converted into a horror house. Many ugly implements of iron had been gathered together; a torture bench had been installed; and Jarl had slaughtered a chicken in the room to make sure it was suitably blood-bespattered. The Wizards and the Warriors[ edit ] The Wizards and the Warriors is the closest to a traditional epic fantasy of the series, however, like all Cook's books, it has fun with fantasy themes.

Chronicles of an Age of Darkness Series

This novel set the scene and plot that would dominate the first five books, introducing all the characters that would feature in the following novels. The Wordsmiths and the Warguild[ edit ] Hugh originally intended for The Women and the Warlords to be the second in the series: "The Women and the Warlords was, apparently, a miscue, at least from a commercial perspective.

Nobody said so outright, but I was politely asked to write an intermediate book to sit between The Wizards and the Warriors and The Women and the Warlords.

Not really understanding why I was being asked to write this additional book, I nevertheless sat down and wrote it, and had fun doing so If he had achieved something, he would have upset my ideas for the overall structure of the series, which was already becoming difficult to control.

As The Wordsmiths and the Warguild was not a long book to start with, I was a bit dismayed to have it cut into two parts for American publication.

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Being a female in a male dominated society the Collosnon Empire and its people, the Yarglat being loosely based on the Mongols she suffers some very unpleasant experiences. There is evidence of her displaying lesbian tendencies due to her hardship at the hands of men, and she is not what you would call a stereotypical heroine.

She has a penchant for swearing and for violence, amongst other character flaws. The Walrus and the Warwolf[ edit ] Perhaps the most popular book of the series, The Walrus and the Warwolf describes the picaresque adventures of Drake Douay, an apprentice swordsmith turned pirate.

Drake's story is driven by two narrative strands, both of which are established in the opening chapters. Firstly, Drake meets and falls in love with Zanya Kliedervaust, who rejects him; secondly, the swordsmith for whom Drake works becomes insane and founds a new religion in which Drake is denoted as a figure of evil.

Chronicles of an Age of Darkness Series

The novel relates Drake's exile from homeland which has fallen into the hands of adherents of his ex-master's religion , and his long quest to win Zanya. It is intertwined with the central events of the first five volumes of the series: the war of Elkor Alish, the invasion of Argan by the Collosnon Empire, and the fall of the Confederation of Wizards.

For fans of the series, Drake's adventures with the pirates are highly regarded; the novel is also popular for its depiction of Drake's exploits in the areas of religion, war, power struggle, the courtroom, and the torture chamber. Paizo published this entry in its Planet Stories subscription reminiscent of the original Planet Stories. The Wicked and the Witless[ edit ] This is the last book in the series to be set entirely on the continent of Argan and deal with the events around which the early novels revolve.

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It is the story of Sean Sarazin, aka Watashi, who is the oldest son of the ruler of Argan's most powerful state, the Harvest Plains. Although very ambitious, Watashi is barred by law from seeking power for himself.

The novel relates his attempts to make himself a ruler, both in the Harvest Plains and elsewhere. Along with book seven of the series, The Wazir and the Witch, this novel most clearly demonstrates Cook's liking, and talent, for writing about political intrigue. The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers[ edit ] This volume is purportedly a manuscript written by a madman which has been extensively censored and annotated by hostile editors.

It represents a break with the narrative of the previous five novels, being set at an earlier time and in a largely unconnected location. Although some of the characters from the Argan novels appear, the Wishstone and the Wonderworkers does not deal with the events of the Argan chronology the war launched by Elkor Alish and the fall of the Confederation of Wizards.

Cook was among a group of authors who eschewed the traditions of Tolkienesque high fantasy, choosing instead to write about the dark, unsavoury aspects of human nature in the grim harshness of a world bent on crushing the meek. Empires are driven to war by syphilitic emperors, who are in turn murdered by warring sons. He dismantled old tropes and bent the genre like light through a smoked lens.

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He replaced the tired theme of good versus evil with one which instead pitted brutality against barbarism, and rarely delivered a clear victor.

Altogether, the Chronicles sold around , copies, and that in itself is reason for celebration for any New Zealand author.

The Wizards and the Warriors, together with its US incarnation, Wizard War, sold over , copies, a phenomenal sales record for any fantasy author. Unfortunately, as the Chronicles became less conventional and more obtuse, sales began to decline.

Chronicles of an Age of Darkness by Hugh Cook ebook pdf

This was compounded by the decision made by bookselling chain W. Despite a rebounding of style and content in the last three books of the series towards more action-based storytelling, Cook had largely lost the means to supply to his mainstream audience, with sales for these three books falling to between 7, and 10, copies each.

Our native flora and fauna often made cameo appearances in wild locales, including weka, kauri and rimu, to name but a few — all of this well over a decade before Peter Jackson delivered our country up to the world as Middle Earth.

Or anywhere.

Accordingly, after publishing Plague Summer here in , he bypassed the New Zealand publishing model and went instead to the London market, where he secured publishing deals almost simultaneously for both his science fiction novel The Shift Jonathan Cape, and the first volume in the Chronicles series, The Wizards and the Warriors Corgi, What separated Cook from so many of his contemporaries was his ability to alter his prose style from book to book, while he never lost his unique authorial voice.Best book Minecraft: The Chronicles of Riddick: Was it just changing a few commas?

The Wizards and the Warriors[ edit ] The Wizards and the Warriors is the closest to a traditional epic fantasy of the series, however, like all Cook's books, it has fun with fantasy themes.

Chronology[ edit ] The Chronicles differ from most fantasy or science fiction series by not telling the adventures of a main protagonist on a particular quest in sequential order.

Outcast Read Online. Download Chronicles of Ancient Darkness 4: Instead, the next bits of fiction that got finished were some pieces of flash fiction , little itty bitty stories, very very short stories , so short that the modern writer has time to write one during the homeward journey on the train, for example and the modern reader actually has time to read one or two or even three.

If so, did the revised version have some stand-alone incidents which might serve as stories in their own right?